Saturday, August 05, 2006

Pick a mess of it ...

Headed out to the rag-tag garden this morning while the grass was still wet. Pick a mess of oakra, 4 or 5 squash and 1 egg plant. That is enough for a good meal. You have to let it build up over a few days to make enough for all 4 of us. The ants love okra blossoms and the new fruit. It must have something sweet to draw them in. Just respect them and they leave you alone.
I have been having a headache for about 3 days now. Layed hands on myself last night and in the early a.m. - I believe it has lessened in intensity. Pray believing and you shall receive.
I have some nephews and nieces in town in N.O. so we are going to go visit them today. We don't get to see them often since they left home for school and work, so you better get 'em while you can.
Did I tell ya'll about that stinkin' cat that has made a home at our house. That sucker will trip you while you are walking if you don't watch out. You know how cats have an incessant drive to rub on your legs - he has it down already and he is still a kitten. I will admit, I am guilty of stooping down and petting that stinker while he's just purring away. Maybe he will grow up and take care of any rats that may come around here. Who knows, he and Kenney (the dog) may wind up being friends.
Nothing profound, but it is a beautifully warm day. Enjoy it. GW

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Anonymous said...

Praying for no headaches and a good nights sleep...the veggies sound good!