Sunday, September 03, 2006

"Behold, the power of Cheese ...."

Thank God for mac and cheese - the one thing I have not eaten in a long time (other than home made, that is). I have been racking my brain for some kind of food I could eat but not have to chew too much, that tasted good and would have some nutritional value. Behold, the power of cheese. So, Robin was on her way home and I called her - good wife that she is, she stopped and bought me some mac in the box. Made it, ate it and loved it. I did add some real mild cheddar to the mix. It's one of those 'slippery' foods. Not on the same level as okra, though. Still uncomfortable at best, the chewing has to take place in the front at the level of the incsors. Then, as the food is processed, it is shipped to the back dock for loading into the pie hole. This mix was a blessing today. Jello is cool, but it has its limitations.
Today was better than any of the last week. Improvement in side effects is happening and I think I am back on the track for now. I may be scheduling the mediport for this Friday, we shall see.
I have to shave the dome tonight, it's getting way too long. Praise God.


Anonymous said...

Have you tried mashed potatos or chicken and dumplings? I make some pretty "slick" dumplings. I'll be glad to make some for you... Let me know...Isn't it a gorgeous day?!
We love ya'll...and are praying throughout the day...

Sonja said...

Love your attitude George!
Try some sweetpotatoe soup, if you like sweetpotatoes!!! Yummy!
Cut up sweetpotates in squares, add some milk let boil then add a little chees (if you'd like) and spice a little! That's it!!! Also if you boil some broccoli and cauliflower until soft, mush it up and add a little honey mustard it makes a great healthy snack!!!
Hang in there. I ran into Robin at Wally World and she said your feeling better! Good thing!
Enjoy the gorgeous day!


sonja said...

cheese that is!! Sorry! You know how I am with my spelling!!!

tonja said...

hey, since everyone else is giving you good mushy food ideas, here's mine:
smoothies! blend yogurt, honey, and any berry or banana to your liking. pour and drink! yum!