Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Excuses ....

Here we go with the excuses. "I did it because . . . . "
Can you believe it? Now the infamous Senator says the reason he did it because he was abused by a priest as a teenager. I thought he did it because he was an alcoholic. He goes into rehab for this, in my mind, to escape the wrath of the people - kind of like many of Hollywood's stars. Now he says he is a homosexual - boy did that anger the gay community! Now they are saying (the gay community) that you cannot equate what he was doing with homosexuality. Well, all I know is thart this is a horrible mess which has harmed innocent young people once again.
The reason we fall is because we are a fallen race of sinners - the only hope for man is to turn to God and repent, confess ones sins to God and follow Christ. Confess it with your mouth and believe it in your heart that Jesus Christ is LORD and you shall be saved. Just "cleaning up your image" is not the answer or "just doing better" - you have to die to yourself in order to live to God. He says He will replace the heart of stone with a heart of flesh. It's all about heart change and it does take time and effort. "Getting religion" is not what we are talking about here. The world has way to much religion already.
The school shootings are even more horrible than imagined. What is going on with people? Another abuse excuse. Something bad happened to me so I am going to harm other innocent people. And children at that. Coward is a word that comes to my mind. These acts are so cowardly and senseless. May God have mercy on all of us.
There is a lot of good going on in our world today regardless of these cowardly acts of violence. People are giving and helping and sharing every day all over the world. God works through people to help people. God uses you and He uses me as an extension of Himself to others in need. I do not know of anyone who has ever seen God in person or heard an audible voice, not that it has not happened, I just do not personally know anyone who has. I have, however, seen God use people to bless others. We are His hands and His feet and His voice. Even if it is just giving a cup of cold water, Jesus said we would not lose our reward. That is neat.
Feeling better, I just tire out easily. The Avastin I took Monday has listed as possible side effects fatigue and also constipation (among other side effects like death, etc.). Dog gonnit' - I'm going from the big D to the big C. I took some Senikot which helped out alot. Food still tastes off, but I am eating full meals now, praise God. The rash stuff started again, so I am back on a low dose of Keflex for that. It works.
We are praying for sister Betty King - her heart was acting up - be praying.
I am going to go for now. God Bless. George.


Ron said...

I see that you have been watching TV also. Very depressing. I've turned it off and have taken the time to catch up on my reading.

Praying for you!

tonja said...

regarding all the "crazies" happening lately, I wonder if it's been going on all along and the news media just wasn't reporting it...or if it's really getting worse. guess it doesn't matter...because now we're more aware. I also think it's a wake up call to this nation...we must REPENT! That's really the answer.

Hope you're encouraged today. the image of the space control center making thousands of adjustments every minute is daily on my mind...what a great image to remind me to stay in tune with the Lord. I'm constantly adjusting my "controls".