Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Lazy Cat !

Meet "Tippy" the White tipped tail Tabby who has been lucky enough to not only have one new family take him in, but three! He has built in Grandparents and 3 cousins and of course my wife and kids who love him more than me. He has a wonderfully playful personality which I have not seen in a cat in a long time. Blacky his friend is also a good cat, just a little more nervous and less affectionate. He and Kenny our pomeranian will actually sit by each other and pretty much be at peace, unless Kenny starts trying to do the tail sniff thing. Tippy has absolutely no patience for that, neither would I.

Gayle, send me your email address. I must have yours on my other hard drive and I cannot access it right now. Interested about your brother's beef growing hobby. I would very much like to check it out. I saw Paul today while at the hospital, but he was passing down the road and did not see me. Tell him for me please. I tried to call him on the cell number I have, but it was not correct - e-mail me your / his correct cell# please.

A quick plug for Sonny's Auto Repair in Central off of Blackwater Rd. I brought in the Van for a sqweeky belt and also the famous "Maintenance Required" light flashing on. He tightened the belt and fixed the light for no charge. He could have trumped it up and changed the belt, etc. but he was honest as always. I recommend his place. 14831 Blackwater Rd. 261-5551.

All things medical - I met with Dr. Patten today. Blood numbers were not great, but adequate. I did not take any treatments today. We decided together to do a split treatment. I have already finished one half, so this Saturday I will begin the other half. My system can only tolerate about 6 or 7 days of the Xeloda. Following this I will have a CT/PET scan here in town. This will tell us if there are any tumors left, how big, new/old, where and based upon this info we will determine what to do next. That was my idea. I am not playing in a crap shoot game here. I am going to "live and not die and declare the works of the Lord" in one fashion or another. I am believing and will accept nothing other than a 100% healing. Jesus never said," be ye sick" - He said many things, but that was not one of them. "Your faith has made you whole, Pick up your mat and walk, Stretch out your hand, Rise up and walk, He's not dead, he is just asleep" ... need I continue? Jesus spoke life in everything he did. Except for the fig tree with no fruit - he spoke and it died. He showed us how the power of life and death are in the tongue, hence the encouragement by all to speak life when using the tongue. I have to work on this daily, hourly and somtimes minute by minute. No excuses, I know what I should be doing/saying. The battle is in the mind and heart of man.

Please be in prayer for Wil Howell's dad and mom. Mr. Howell is having a tough time now and needs a touch from God Almighty. Also, my friend Jill from work was hospitalized for what they think may be blood clots in a part of one of her lungs. The details are sketchy, but please pray for a rapid resolution so she can get back home. She is plannig still to get married in Dec. and with the previous good news of slight shinkage in the tumors, we want for her to have a continued regression of said tumors.

I need to go and read up on how to install this new fangled reverse osmosis water (RO) filter (correctly).
God bless and be a blessing. George.


Anonymous said...

hey dad, i'm in computer and felt like writing you something. i like the picture that you took of Tippy. i hope the whole reverse osmosis filter thingy works out right. i took a KILLER advanced math test today so be praying for the grade. i love you and i was just thinkin about you.

P.s. Callie likes you and your bald head.

Anonymous said...

Hello George

This is Gayle my email address is gayle@performanceins.com. Paul's cell number is 235-0113. Yes my brother is big into cattle. This is hobby or shall I say what he loves to do to pass the time away. Whenever you guys are interested just let me know. Have a great day in the Lord. Gayle