Monday, October 16, 2006

Rainy day . . .

This was a perfect day for catching up on our much needed rainfall totals. I hope this will help the farmers who have been hurting for rain. A good slow,steady drizzle.
Last night was a restless one from 4 am till time to get up. Must have eaten too much too late. It's kind of like eating a lot of pizza late and having the strangest dreams. I also felt like I had been run over by a truck! No more fried food for me for a while.
I also had a few more bouts with mild Big D. Nothing horrendous; I suspect it is theNystatin anti-fungal medication for Thrush that is causing it. One thing leads to another ....
I purchased an Reverse Osmosis water filter system for our home due to the rash of "brown water" episodes we have been experiencing. Everytime they add a new line or repair a line upstream from us, we get splinters in the little screens at the inside faucet head outlets and brown water. Now that to me is nasty! I trusted my water quality up until this happened several times in the past year. Some say it is no big deal, but I say, "if it is brown, we ain't drinking it down!" All I have to do if follow the instructions and hook it up. It removes everything but the H2O. The filter is a first step towards improving the things we intake - air, water and food. Not to become a fanatic, but to use wisdom and to change what I can change. P.S. The bathrooms in the Lowes by Cortana are pretty clean. I was thankfully surprised.
Afterwards, I quickly went by Our Daily Bread Store and got some of their delicious organic bread (seasoned, rolls and loaf bread) - which is not too expensive - depends on what you by. They even have a day old shelf next to the freah shelf 25% off.
Tomorrow is treatment time and mom and dad are going to chauffer me. I am probably going to request he order another scan to see what is what.
Joseph said to his brothers (who sold him into slavery as a young man) after they were forced to go to Egypyt for food and discovered that He (Joseph) was Viceroy (running the show) "you meant it for evil, but God meant it for good". Many things we do not understand happen to us or those we love and at times we question God as to why. The old question of "why do bad things happen to good people". The first thing is - there are no "good" people. Scripture is very extremely clear on this in Romans 6:23, "for all have sinned and fallen short of the Glory of God". I shudder to question God's motives and have quickly learned that His motives are as pure as it gets. Do not doubt His love for you. Do not doubt His Sovereignty over your situation. Look to Him with full trust and confidence. He is the best Father to ever exist and Worthy of your trust. He is Worthy.
The storm front is rumbling in - I am going to get "unplugged" for now. Have a great Tuesday and remember to be a blessing to your world. You are a light set on a hill at this place and time.

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Anonymous said...

And to you ,George, the Father would say...
"this is my beloved son, whom I am well pleased."