Thursday, October 19, 2006


I can tell you this one is going to be short. Here what I did today without a nap. Started before 6 am, cooked breakfast, cleaned the kitchen and all surfaces. I needed the space for the Reverse Osmosis water filter installation project. My dad and I worked on this thing (I was the gofer - gofer this and gofer that - he didn't want to read the directions, but I didn't want to either. After 3 trips tot he Hardware store, we got everthing done and turned on the water and found a leak - I am going to bring a part back if they can replace it, I may have to order it, etc. In the mean time I had a whole chicken simmering in the pot on the stove and Turkey dressing in the oven thanks to mom. They left around 3 pm and it was back to cleaning again - kitchen and tool stuff.

I finally dropped and watched 15 minutes of the national news. Then I watch a video about a Dr. who was healed of Cancer that took him right up to the brink of death. He has an awesome testimony.
The wife and kids made it home after school, a volleyball game and then church - a triple play day - and ate supper and then I cleaned up again.

Rained all day long. We should be catching up on that drought business. I scattered some Crimson Clover seed 2 days ago along with some Mustard Greens and Turnips - hoping to attract deer and rabbits. This rain should help germination rates. The bees love the clover.

Today (Thursday) is going to be a wonderful day. God Bless and be a blessing. George.

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