Monday, October 16, 2006

Psalm 18 ...

Another beautiful Sunday! Thank God for the rain. Feeling on the weak side for the past two days, so I just sat in the balcony and enjoyed the service anyway. I even sat on the floor a while and laid my head on the seat. Before the service I was sitting in the van reading Psalm 18:1-3 & 6 - I was trying to memorize it - and what do you think Pastor Don preaches on? Psalm 18 and trusting God. The Lord has a wonderful way of letting us know He is in control and a very present help in times of trouble. We just need to stay in the Word - which is a "lamp unto our feet and a light unto our path...". God uses the Word to show us things just like a navigator would use a map.
All things medical - I had to stop my Xeloda Friday due to the big "D". The last two times this happened I tried to tough it out, but the Dr. was emphatic, stop taking the pills if it starts. Amen. I listened this time. I did get 6 days worth of it though. Two days ago I noticed the 'thrush' coming back in my mouth so I jumped on that with Nystatin and it is now almost completely gone. My taste has returned to about 50% (yes!). The nasal passages and throat are drying out throughout the day and night which I use hot showers or gargling with hot water to help with that. My hands and feet are also really dry so I do the "Udderbutter" stuff they gave me at the clinic. Tonight we ate fried eggplant, creamstyle corn, mac and cheese and french fries. Now ain't that delish? The turkey Robin was cooking took way longer than we thought it would, so it will be for tomorrow.
I have been trying to get away from "processed" stuff (you would never know that from some of the things I choose to eat) which includes deli meat for the kids lunches. One way is to get your own turkey and cook/slice it yourself. The meats we all eat are loaded with nitrates and nitrites which are basically poisonous. Don't get me started. That's one reason I would like to grow my own animals - that way you know what they are being fed and what you are in turn eating.
IV treatment two of my 3rd cycle is this Tuesday. I am becoming increasingly curious if it is doing anything good. The symptoms I am experiencing are strickly coming from chemo - not cancer. My CA-19-9 number is still high - over 10,000. Now he said as cancer cells are dying and are being re-absorbed or processed - whatever it is your body does with them after they die - that the numbers can be high because of that. So there we have another non-specific number to confuse us. I may request another scan here in town to see how things are in the liver. God's Word says, "by His stripes I am healed" among many other healing scriptures - that is where my hope is placed. But I still want to know. Going through all of this stuff for the first 3 months only to find out it was not working is a waste of time, money and not to mention a pain! I am on my third cycle with the GTX regimen - so we are coming to a crossroads - would you be praying for me for God to guide me as far as treatment goes - thanks.
It has been raining all evening which makes for a peaceful way to get to sleep. So I am going to go and try to do just that.
This is a new week ahead with new challenges and opportunities.
Remember Matthew 5:16,
"let your light shine so before men
in such a way that they may see
your good works and glorify
your Father who is in heaven".


Anonymous said...


The family and I will continue to pray for you and "specifically" ask Him to illuminate your steps with regards to your treatment. He will honor these prayers and will show you, because of His immeasurable faithfulness and love for you. Cathy and I had a date Saturday. We went and saw "A night with the king". A wonderful story of "Ester" that we would readily recommend for all to go see. In one part of the story, Ester was talking to a Eunich who had befriended her during the "new queen selection process". During one of her encounters with him she told the Eunich this...When David defeated Goliath, it wasn't how well he fought that caused the defeat of the giant,... but how well he believed! Obviously, there are several verses to support this point of truth. You are a "defeater of giants" George and your deliverence is coming in light of your holding on, believing and waiting on Him.
Our emotions, up and down,...His faithfulness, STEADFAST.
We love you bro. Have a great day as you stand and perservere in light of His awesome strength!

Bill, Cathy and kids

Anonymous said...

You mention you would like to raise your own animal to eat. Well the meat definitely tastes different from the store bought. If you are ever in the market to buy beef my brothers raises them as a part time hobby and will sell you one. He can also have it butchered and wrap. All you have to do is let me know and I can get you a price of what you are looking at price wise. It is expensive just to let you know but will last a while. Also if you need pork let me know he knows someone that does that. Or better yet if I get any more meat from my mom which is seldom because she know I do not eat it I would be glad to give you some. As far as chicken and rest of the animal part I do not know of anyone. I do not think I could raise my animal then kill it and eat it too, no way. But some people can do that. Just let me know and we are believing with you. Gayle Wallace

sonja said...

Hear George's voice when he call on you O'Lord; be merciful to him and answer him! Psalm 27:7

Rest knowing HE knows the plan! Remember HE is I AM! He will show you what to do because HE watches over YOU!!!!(little poem I made up just now, inspired obviously by HIM)

Breathe! Draw strength from every breath you take! I will be praying for you tomorrow. It will be my second day reporting for jury duty sooooo, I have ALL day to pray!