Wednesday, November 08, 2006

CT done ....

Yesterday, the CT was easier and less of a hassle than I expected. I didn’t feel the needle when the tech inserted it. That is always a good thing. That tells you a lot about our expectations and how they can affect us. I will review the results with my Oncologist next Monday. I am looking forward to that visit.
The surgeon who put in and took out the port is ordering me a wound vac device which will speed the healing and has to be changed once per day verses 3 times per day for the gauze type. It has a little fanny pack that contains the pump motor, etc. which produces a mild suction on the wound site. I don’t know if it makes a lot of noise or not but I am looking forward to getting that going. I have seen these many times in the hospitals and in our lab at CVT but never expected to have one myself. Again, that tells you a lot about our expectations. The surgeon noted that it will take a few months for the wound to heal. I didn’t realize that it would take so long. I am believing God for a quick healing in Jesus name.
My mother had her drain tube removed and is doing well. She also has a meeting with her Oncologist next week - Tuesday – I plan on being with her and dad during that meeting. She told me that she will have to have a port put in and will require chemo and radiation. We want to be wise about these things and take correct action. We are believing God for direction and healing.
My brother is also doing well following his arm surgery. For those of you who do not know, he had a left bicep tear where the bicep detached from the bone or ligament. It is just tough for him not to be able to “do” stuff during the recovery time. I can relate to that. You have to change what you would “prefer” to do and do only what you are allowed to do because of the necessary recovery time.
Volleyball is almost over. Three days of games are left in New Orleans. They won the last game which means there are 8 teams left and then 4 and then the final two teams Saturday will decide the State Championship. It will be incredible if/when they win.
I made some homemade bread last night. It is Dark German Rye – it is some pretty dense stuff. The kind of bread you can eat or use as a weapon. That is probably why in the old days the bread was so hard - the bugs couldn’t eat it, you could break a tooth on it or hit an enemy with it at close range and knock them out. The only thing I would have added would be more salt. The second part of the recipe called for “punching down” the dough and letting it rise for about 20 or 30 minutes. Well, I fell asleep – didn’t set the stove timer because I did not want to wake anyone up. Then around 1:30 am I woke up and realized the time was well passed as far as letting the dough rise, so I placed them in the loaf pans and cooked them for 30 minutes. I like homemade bread, but it is a lot of work when you think about the fact that you can get a loaf of good organic bread for about $3.
Church was really good tonight. I don’t always go on Wednesday nights since all the stuff that has been going on, but today I was feeling pretty good. I just get tired during the worship part of the service, and when I do I just sit down. What else can you do? I have decided to live everyday by faith. If I were to live strictly by my feelings I would not do very much other than sleep, eat and then sleep again. I have found that if I get up early and get going that the days fare better verses sleeping late. More is accomplished and I feel better as a result. The Word says, “for we walk(live) by faith, not by sight” II Corinthians 5:7. That is a good word.
I am falling asleep sitting here typing, so I am going to say God Bless and see you tomorrow.


FeatherIron said...

I was grimising while reading about your port vacuum! That sounds really grose!

Glad your mom is recovering well. I will continue to pray for her.

I bet your brother is in pain huh? I would think a tear like that would be really painful. I will pray for him too.

Dang, George, your family is gonna be the "trial" testimony for sure! Can't wait till we are all on the other side :-)

kayla said...

Cathy sent Bill some hard bread like that when they were dating... But he married her anyway! :^)