Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Vote today . . .

Please exercise your Constitutional right to vote today. Be an informed voter. Know what the issues/candidates are before you vote. You may also have to exercise some patience - there are early reports of voting machine problems in some districts.

Again, I am encouraging my family and friends to vote for Amendment #8 which is in favor of Central having its own School district. I do not normally get political, but this one is close to home, literally.

Went to the Dentist yesterday - I have a cracked/broken crown which he said could have been worse. This one broke in the right places I guess. That will be taken care of soon. The chair I was in during the check up - I think it is the most comfortable chair I have ever sat in. I believe they provide the comfortable stuff to keep your mind off of the drilling.

Still nursing the port site 3 times a day. I reached a little to far for something yesterday and must have pulled some stuff that had been trying to grow together - man it starting stinging and burning. So, right arm, take it easy is the word for the day.

We serve a BIG GOD! He hung the stars and the Moon. He set all things into motion with a Word. He can meet your needs today with just a Word. He can calm fears, give you hope and has already promised you a bright future.

I have a CT scheduled today. Looking forward to getting it done.
I'll let ya'll know how it goes. George - go Vote.


Ron said...

I did my part!:)

Anonymous said...

I broke a tooth last week and so I am getting a crown put on today. They say it will be an hour and a half. Hope I have a comfortable chair too. If so, I will pledge to spend some of that time praying for a total healing of that port site.

I find it interesting that the wound site has to heal from the inside - out. Just like us. Any wound we are still walking around with is probably because it never healed from the inside ! ! I think that last statement will preach. But I'll spare you the sermon right now.

Have a blessed day, brother.

Love to you and Robin,

Anonymous said...

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