Friday, December 15, 2006

Don't do it. . .

Can you figure this picture out?

Yesterday, on my way to N.O., I was stopped behind a city bus and a fellow got off. (in front of the Conn's on Airline/Florida Blvd) Due to the construction, there was alot of mud washed around at the sides of the service road. The man got off the bus, walked to the edge and looked at the mud. The light had not changed, so I was sitting there assessing the situation from my angle and I was thinking, "don't do it man!"And just as I thought that, he stepped back a bit and launched out over the mud - he landed short of his goal, which was the dry concrete on the other side of the mud. His left foot made contact first and then his butt made the second contact. It was hilarious!!! His feet came out from under him and up into the air, just like you see on TV. He land on his butt and then his back. He jumped up just as quick as he had fallen and began slinging the mud off of his hands and wiping off his hind end. I had a roll of paper towels in my car. So I turned onto the service road, pulled up along side of him as he was walking and waved the roll of paper towels and saying "here are some towels you can clean up with" - he must not have heard me, so I repeated myself again, and again. He kept on walking and he was grinning from ear to ear, still wiping his hands. Then I thought," maybe he is deaf", so I pulled half way passed him so he could see me and began waving the roll of towels even more to get his attention . Still, no reaction, he would not even look my way! Then I thought, "maybe he is deaf in both ears and blind in his right eye". So I pulled ahead even farther and still no response. Then I finally thought, "maybe he's just plain ole'stupid" (naw, I did not think that, just kidding). So I turned around and went on my way. I was puzzled. Really, I was kind of struck as to why he refused any assistance. I didn't want anything from him, just to offer him something to help him get cleaned up. I pondered this for a while as I was heading to N.O. Then I kind of spiritualized the experience - does God offer some of us help, but we are just too embarrassed to accept it? Is it pride? "Do I do that to you Lord", I thought to myself. Do some of us fall into the mud of sin, refusing to let God offer to clean us up because we are too embarrassed or prideful. Could it be that we make poor judgements and then when we are paying the price as a result think to ourselves, "I got myself into this, so I will get myself out of it". Just a thought.

I had some other thoughts - about our value to God. I don't know how 'theologically sound' this is, but I have an analogy. I have two cats that we call "ours" since we feed them and pet them and have even given them names. There is a third cat that comes around and eats my two cats' food and intimidates them. I value the two, but do not value the third one. They are basically all three the same for all practical and biological purposes. But, I have placed value on the two. We are valuable, not because of who we are, what we can do or how much money we have or don't have. We are valuable because God loves us. That is what makes us valuable. His love for us causes us to have value, just like my care and concern for the two cats makes them valuable to me. I really could care less about the third one, I wish him no harm, but do wish he would find another place to go. I have value because of God's love for me. So do you. That is another reason we should value each other. This will keep us from geting the big head if we think of it in this light. It kind of reminds me of John 3:16.
Hope I did not bore you. God bless. George.


Anonymous said...

I throughly enjoyed reading the Book of George this morning. Not bored at all.
Being the simple person I am, I was left with the thought that I never want to become the "third cat" to any of my friends and especially to God.

Great analogy of the man in the mud and the men(and women) in sin.
I wonder how many times I've missed God's solution to my problem. Great word picture.

Love to you and Robin - Oh, I just remembered, I have a patient who just yesterday offered me all the fresh mustard greens I wanted. He had a bumper crop this year. Let me know if you want me to hook you up.

Anonymous said...

Awesome story George! I, ditto to what Margie said, not bored at all.
I understand about the cats...we once had 8 cats in the house when we lived in Ecuador as children, although they were free to roam the roads they always came back through the trap door for food and loving....annoying as they were at times, two of the pack of 8 became very precious to the of the cats lived long and died when we moved to the United States. There is still a tree placed in it's burial next to the house we lived in (the tree is huge now). It may be that you'll need to love and nuture the 3rd, for the sake of the others! Who know's it may end up being a good thing??

Loved your writting today! Food for thought that's for sure.


Will said...

The picture looks like an upside down posting of the reflection of trees and sky in water. The water is on top.

Russell said...

I think we, like the man attempting to clear the mud, fall short too and end of dirty too. With the falling we find ourselves feeling dirty, stained, embarassed, ashamed, unworthy of the goodness of God and others until we go get our self cleaned up as best we can. So silly not to humble ourselves and receive the gift of the cleansing wipe (blood of the Lamb)and so we make matters worse. Over time we learn that while we are still sitting in the muck and mier is the best time to reach up and let Him pull us out and make us white as snow AGAIN... oh, what a merciful God we serve. How GREAT is our God! Love ya', Russell

FeatherIron said...

Great Post George.

C.S. Lewis said that sometime we are like a drowning man, freaking out, waving his arms and mad with fear, when all we have to do is grab the hand that is reaching for us and we would be rescued.

We need an update on your cancer recovery. How is the new way working? How are you feeling in comparison?

Anonymous said...

Good,good stuff! You really should write a book...enjoyed sitting behind the Waites tonight at church and talking with Robin the other night...You guys bless me and so many others...
We love ya'll...