Thursday, December 14, 2006

Foggy . . .

How about this foggy weather? It is a beautiful sight over the water, but not too good for those travelling the highways and byways.
I decided to go to N.O. today and visit with my parents and Aunt for a few hours since next week is going to be busy. We went to Academy to look at a few things for Christmas. I took off my windbreaker to try on a jacket and - you guessed it - I got home and realized that I had left the windbreaker on the clothes rack. If it had been really cold outside I would probably have remembered. So, dad and I drove back to get it and it was right where I left it.
I have started eating "Greens" - as in collard and turnip and mustard greens. They are not on the top of my list, but they are very good for you. Combined with other foods like cornbread or something like that I find it tasty. I am trying to limit - or should I say eliminate - corn and wheat products, but that is tough to do. Corn bread is something I could eat everyday. Bread can be replaced with sprouted breads like 'Ezekial' bread, but corn bread is one of a kind.
I am presently doing the flax seed oil / low-fat (organic)cottage cheese twice daily routine as prescribed by Dr. J. Budwig. She is(was) a German medical doctor who apparently had great success in healing various diseases including cancer using this combination of foods. Sounds a little odd, but you have to read everything to get an understanding of how it works. I whip up 1/4 cup of cottage cheese with 2 to 3 tablespoons of cold pressed organinc flaxseed oil (both have to be kept refrigerated)and let sit for 5 minutes. I use a hand /stick blender which is very convenient - easy to clean up. You can eat it as is, but I like to eat it on Spelt(a wheat alternative)toast or use it as a vegi dip for broccoli and carrots like I did tonight. I get the oil and cottage cheese from Our Daily Bread food store. I am also eating alot of salmon (wild catch, not farm raised - since they feed corn and soy beans to the farm raised ones)and alot of vegis too. (I just found out that the farm raised salmon are fed a chemical to make the meat look pink, since many people relate quality of meat to the deep pink color normally found in salmon.) Other than the cottage cheese, I rarely eat any dairy products - but I used to eat a ton of cereal and milk before surgery, etc. I am also drinking the 'green stuff' which doesn't taste bad, but it is very green. It is loaded with good stuff. I am hearing and reading more and more negative things about the consumption of soy and soy based products. If you have not noticed, it is in everything! You cannot find a food bar that does not contain soy. Also, it is in much of the baby formulas on the market too. I wonder sometimes with this sudden surge of strange childhood diseases, if this, along with all of the other things we are eating,is not playing some part. It is definitly a 'buyer beware' world out there. Anyway . . .

I continue to pray throughout the day for those who need prayer as they come to mind. I have been trying to remain open to the Lord's direction in all areas of life. When you ask Him to lead and guide - you better be listening for just that. Jesus said to ask, seek and knock - and to do so continually. So let's keep on doing what He said.

I have more to say, but it will have to wait till tomorrow. God is good.

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