Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Just got back from the funeral service for Mr. Wilson. It was really good to see all of those who came from Hosanna. I also got to meet all of Wil's family. I have heard the names for years and now I have a face to put with the name. This is a new season for their family and it will take time to adjust and to continue on. God was glorified during the service and I believe Mr. Wilson would have been pleased.
I think I might have eaten a bit too much afterwards at Wil's pawpaw's house. He cooked a kicking seafood gumbo. There was also alot of other food and we had time to visit with some old friends we have not seen in while.

Two more half days of school and tests.

I bred my buck (Thumper)to one of the other does (california breed). She seemed to handle it better than the San Juan did last Sunday. But she also let Mr. Thumper know when enough was enough - she snapped at him and made a barking/grunting sound. That makes it easier on me since I known when to take her out of the cage. You always bring her to his cage - the other way around can cause a fight. So this means that we may have two litters of kits - up to 16 possibly - come early January.
I am still working on compiling information for my book - The other "C" words. It will take some time and focus (focusing is the most difficult part). Also, I would like to get my songs completed and recorded on a sound track of some kind if possible - the longer you wait the harder it gets.

Eleven days till Christmas. I just have to keep reminding myself.
Here is a thought I had today:
"If you look at God everyday,
He won't be such a stranger upon your death".
God bless. George.

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Anonymous said...

Wow George those words are POWERFUL!!! and TRUE...thank you again for coming, it meant tons to Wil's mom!
We will truly miss Wilson.
Yes! please don't wait in getting your music down....I loved the song you wrote for Wil and I!!

Thanks again.