Monday, March 05, 2007

No word yet . . .

No word yet from the doctor about going in to the hospital for treatment. I am standing on ready.
Church was awesome yesterday. We are going to have to set up a 'milestone' and remember that service as the time that something happened. I use the word something, because so many people were touched by God at the Altar that everybody got whatever it was that they came for.
We went out to eat Chinese afterwards and then hom. It was downhill from there on for me physically. I just felt bad. In pain and just sick feeling. I have found a quicker remedy for the pain, although more temporary, is to get in a hot shower - as hot as you can stand, and let the water run on whatever is hurting. Of course you have to get out eventually, but last night I was wishing I could have spent the night under the tap. It helped a little, thank God. Passed out on the couch afterwards for a while. When I woke up, everyone else was already tucked in. I went ahead to bed but didn't sleep much at all.
Well, the dryer timer is replaced, thank you very much, and in working condition. It was running only on the cool side of the cycles and not running for very long at that. It was just a matter of getting around to it.
I was nauseated this am after breakfast, so I did what I do not normally advocate - I drank a Dr. Pepper - okay, okay, I know, no ugly e-mails. I used it for 'medicinal purposes' only. It, along with some Gardetta's garlic snackens and that seems to have done the trick. I like the dark brwon looking crunchy pieces that are heavy on the garlic. The other pieces are okay, but I dig the others out. I don't hardly ever get nauseated, but I have been over the past week on and off.
The bunnies are all okay, as well as the cats and the dog. I need to get an updated pic of the bunnies - they are huge.
Go Bless and be a blessing today as you go about doing your thing.


Anonymous said...

Let us know if there is anything at all we can do if you go to the hospital or whatever. We're right around the corner!
The Lord has placed ya'll so firmly on our hearts...we're standing with ya'll.
love and prayers...
Cathy and Bill

Anonymous said...

George (Little Brother),
Today, I just want you to remember the day, months ago, when God had me Take A Stand.
I'm still Standing, and of course I know a whole army of others are Standing with you. But when you get distressed - close your eyes - and picture me Standing Firmly as I did in the hospital and then Jack came later that same day and took the same Stand.
Remember and believe - that's what I'm doing. Love to you and yours,
Big Sis