Saturday, March 03, 2007

"The tree, The Key"

Beautiful weather, huh? I did spend some time outside Friday afternoon. Too much time, cause I was literally worn out. That evening my mother-in-law cooked for everyone and we had a good time together. The laughs were too much since I cannot – should not – be laughing. I had to hold my incision site though. I have not been lifting or pulling on anything per Mom, Aunt Eva and Margie. I have not really been feeling to well to want to do anything to be honest. My head says yes but the rest of me says, ‘can’t do it’.

<<<>Cedar tree in New Roads - Bob guessed that it may be 200 years old. You can see how gravity has been pulling on it a little bit. Everything seems to have gone to the 'bottom'. I can relate.

Here is, what I believe (for me), the answer to that persistent question I pose to my Lord on a regular basis concerning my present condition. This is asked reverently mind you – “What is the hold up? It’s been a year of constant requests for a healing and yet I have not seen it Lord. You say to ask, seek, knock and I have, You say to get the elders of the Church to anoint the sick one with oil - and I have. I have hundreds of other people praying for me, and yet no manifestation of the healing power of God. You have supplied for us in so many other ways, why not the healing? Talk about change some people’s lives - You heal me and it will.” Here is the response I believe the Lord revealed to me and for me. Some of you may disagree and that is okay because I am not preaching anything here, I’ve just been trying to listen.
Relationship is the KEY. Abraham was called the ‘friend’ of God. That means he obviously had a remarkable relationship with the Almighty to have earned such a title. He had a relationship with the Father through thick and thin – and Abraham had a lot of both – you can read it for yourself.
In my situation, am I going to maintain my relationship with God regardless of what happens to my health, finances or to my family/friends? The answer is yes. I want to be a 'friend of God' just like Abraham. As a friend, we all expect certain things from each other. For example, a friend should not lie to you but tell you the truth, right? That is an ‘expectation’. I expect God to save us, provide for us, protect us and heal us. That has always been my impression from the Scriptures concerning God towards me. These are things that only God can truly give or do. I do admit feeling some disappointment when a healing has not been seen yet. That particular answer has not arrived. Yet, I understand that some answers take time due to God working out other things which may involve multiple people and events to come (I learned that one from Pastor Don). Afterwards, we see how everything worked out and it makes sense to us – hindsight is always 20/20. Think of Joseph. You think he had a few doubts on the path to becoming Viceroy of Egypt? Just a few ‘prison’ and ‘pit’ stops along the way. But the salient point is this – maintaining my friendship/relationship with God through Christ takes precedence over any perceived outcomes - good or bad. Gods want to know me and for me to know Him. He desires and requires the ‘Chief seat’ in our hearts and lives all of the time – "yet He knows our frame, that we are dust." (Ps 103:14). If I receive my healing tomorrow, fantastic! But if I do not, great. For me, “to live is Christ and to die is gain” and “absent from the body, present with the Lord”. So no matter what happens, it is all about my relationship with God. He seems to be more concerned with that than any other thing in my life. And remember that very compelling and sobering scripture where Christ says, "... assuredly, I do not know you" (Matthew 25:12)? There is no need to be 'scared' into a relationship with God. What kind of friendship would that be?
Anyway, He did tell us to "keep asking, seeking and knocking" so that I will do.
Have a great weekend - get out and get some Sun!


sonja said...

I was touched by your writting. I am sure MANY can relate to your heart right now....and in order for me to not be again "like Job's comforter's" I want to share with you words from a couple of doesn't matter the author....just READ....
I pray they minister a little LIFE to you in this time.

"How does anyone dare to speak about joy in the face of the unspeakable human sorrows surrounding us? And yet, it is there! For anyone who has the COURAGE to enter our human sorrows deeply, there is a REVELATION of joy, hidden like a precious stone in the wall of a dark cave.
The cup of life is the cup of joy as much as it is the cup of sorrow. It is the cup in which sorrows and joys, sadness and gladness, mourning and dancing are never separated. If joys could not be where sorrows are, the cup of life would never be drinkable. That is why we have to hold the cup in our hands (as Christ holds us in HIS hands) and look carefully to see the JOYS hidden in our sorrows (or sufferings)
Can we look up to Jesus as to the man of joys? It seems impossible to see joy in the tortured, naked body hanging with outstretched arms on a wooden cross. Still, the cross of Jesus is often presented as a glorious throne on which the King is seated. There the body of Jesus is portrayed not as racked by flagellation and crucifixion but as a beautiful, luminous body with sacred wounds.

That is our journey come to the full realization of the cross and to LIVE it daily knowing He gives us LIFE and takes our LIFE in HIS timing....

LIFE=correspondence with enviroment. Take that away and you have death...

The Savior is not only the fairest among Ten thousand, but the fairest among millions.

You are indeed "friend to God as God is friend to you"...through you sinners are seeing HIS love, through you hearts are being purged and set on a track to Godliness, through you others are learning transparency, through you others are learning how to stand in times of adversity!....Your LIFE George is HIDDEN IN CHRIST, HE knows when, how and what time your healing will come.
Be encouraged brother that EVERYDAY your life is truly not yours but HIS and in that you are making SUCH a difference in a generation of people! That's powerful!!!

Ok, I've said enough....what's of me "fall to the ground", what's of the Spirit may it bring a spring in your step!!!!!!!

Be Blessed brother, as you ARE a blessing!


Anonymous said...

George, two scriptures came to mind as i read this post...
Rom 8:18 "I consider that (your) present sufferings are not worth comparing with the glory that will be revealed in (you)." Like you said, hindsight is 20/20...and I think when you come out of this, you will look back and be amazed at the work the Lord is doing through this time in your life.


Phil. 3:10 "I want to know Christ and the power of his resurrection and the FELLOWSHIP OF SHARING IN HIS SUFFERINGS, becoming like him in his death, and so, somehow, to attain to the resurrection from the dead." Indeed, if we are to be a friend of God, we will share in His sufferings. Can you not hear more clearly what's on His heart through your own suffering? Is He not producing perseverance in you and your family? Is He not bringing you to deeper places in Him? Will He not get glory for what He is doing? Emphatically,I say, Yes, he is doing the work, and Yes, he will receive glory!! and like it says in Romans 8:19, "The creation waits in eager expectation for (George, a son of God) to be revealed."!!!! just go on reading from there, it's good.

Anonymous said...

Amen and Amen to both Sonja and Tonja's messages. What Wisdom. Meditate on their words and drink in
God's truth and you will be blessed.
Sis Margie