Monday, April 23, 2007

Freedom to Worship . . .

Church was really good. We got there late – my fault. I woke up really feeling , well, just feeling ‘bad’. My right side was hurting so bad that I asked Robin to bring me a pain pill and some water. I waited for it to kick in before I got up. This was just a solicitation from someone (I think we know who) to stay in the bed and not go to Church. We did miss Sunday school, which we try to make every week. After lunch the old funk returned until about 9 pm that night. It almost makes me not want to eat, since that is what usually brings it on. I was talking with a sister at Church, and I have probably said this to others before, that being able to attend corporate worship and preaching of the Word is the highlight of my week. The Freedom to Worship is a privilege granted to us via the blood of tens of thousands of people who have gone before us. Thank God for that Freedom!
On a spiritual note . . .
As I look into the face of God (in my heart), I see a depth of understanding which is unfathomable. Understanding that has no known comparison. Over six billion souls on the earth and yet God can understand each and every one of us. Our hurts, fears and our hopes and dreams. Regardless of race, language, gender or nationality – He knows and understands. How does He know? That question reminds me of the little ‘thermos bottle’ joke. “You put cold liquid in it and it stays cold, put hot liquid and it stays hot, how do it know?” I cannot explain it, He just knows. That is why He is God and I am not. And Mercy and Grace which is so underserved and all encompassing – also with no comparison. I believe the woman “caught in adultery” experienced this when she looked into the face of Jesus and heard these words, “Woman, where are your accusers?” Can you imagine the relief she felt? Not only was she saved from being stoned by the gathering crowd, but she was also forgiven by the only One capable of forgiving her. I think she was a slight bit overwhelmed – don’t you? And how about the woman with the “issue of blood”, who had spent all of her resources on an illness which had plagued her for over a decade. In one brief moment, she was healed completely of her affliction just by believing that if she could touch Jesus, she would be healed. And she was! Wow. God is so Good. He alone is worthy of our praise.

I spoke with mom today and she, Dad and Aunt Eva are all doing well. She went to Sunday school for the first time since her treatments started months ago. Go mom!

Happy Birthday to my cousin Wendy in Florida – she is 40 . . . ish. I’m not tellin’.

All of the animals are doing well. ‘Rocky and the Chickets’ are all growing bigger everyday. You should see the chicks competing for the next earthworm. I’ll gather a few worms, moths, and other bugs. Place them by the edge of the wire and those little birds go crazy. One will grab the worm, run around chirping loudly – which to me is advertising to the others what you have – and then, of course, they all chase her around attempting to steal her morsel. This goes on until one of them can get enough time to stop and swallow the critter. It is the funniest thing you have ever seen. They are foraging fanatics - non stop searching machines. I won't have any bugs left in my garden once they get a little bigger and get a chance to get in it.

Another week ahead. Another doctors appointment, too. Much to look forward to. Opportunity lies just around the corner.

God bless.George. (that is 'watermelon' color - hopefully a hint of the 'taste' of things to be growing soon).

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