Saturday, November 24, 2007


Over the last few days God has been dealing with me about HIS faithfulness. I think back to this time last year. George was doing well, we enjoyed a wonderful Thanksgiving together as a family and we were enjoying the life that God had given us to live. It was easy with George to live life daily and to the fullest because his hopes and trust was placed fully in God's ability to see us through. Oh and how God has seen us through. Each day brings with it new challenges, opportunities to trust God. We have choices to make in those moments. We can become inwardly focused on the problems before us or we can lift our eyes to the hills to where our help comes from. If I have learned anything over the last two years it is that Our Lord will catch us if we just abandon and fall on Him. Our circumstances may not change or they may become worse but in the end we can be held if we just let go and fall on Him. His arms are big enough, His catch is gentle, and He holds on oh so tight. A love like this is rarely understood when things are going well and we don't have to place our dependency anywhere. But when our world is rocked and tossed and turned, we can know that there is a solid place to secure our feet and our faith and that is the ROCK our faithful Father. I know this to be true I am not just spouting off truth that hasn't been tested. I have tested it. It is real. It is solid. Let go my friend and find yourself held in big, gentle arms. There is no other place I would rather be.



Ruth said...

That is an awesome post. Thank you for the reminder.

Ruth Burton

Anonymous said...

Oh, how I needed to hear that,Robin. Thank you for sharing your heart with all of us. You and George are still planting those seeds together.
I love you,friend...

joyce said...

These are VERY good truths you have expressed here Robin.
Keep it going! It's like the "pay it forward" thing. People CAN be "positive" in "negative" situations and pass on the good things to others.
Besides.....what else are we to do???
PLUS.....we have "Hope." Hope for now and Hope for later.
That's the great thing.

Thanks for the encouragement.