Sunday, February 24, 2008


Friday night we had a women's meeting. We watched a DVD on the love of God. I shared after the video and God showed us His incredible LOVE. We as the Bride of Christ need to find that place of confidence in His love for us. We need to respond to God and others and situations in our lives confident in the extravagant love God feels toward us. Once we grasp the truth of the fact that God loves us unconditionally we can then be free to live the lives we are destined to live.

Lauren has been real sick today. She must have had a stomach virus. She has been in bed all day and has just gone more than an hour without throwing up. Please pray for her.

Thank goodness things have slowed down a little for her since basketball season is over. We are all enjoying much more time at home.

The weather today was absolutely gorgeous. I love this time of year. You can actually feel the NEWNESS in the air.

God bless and keep your hearts open to the love of GOD.


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Anonymous said...

Hey Robin,
Friday night was good and I am still hearing results of the awesome work the Lord has done in the womens lives. What an awesome God we serve. You did a great job and now I understand a little more of what you went through during those years. Love you Gayle